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This site was built as a repository for papers, reports, analysis, models, software and sundry items that we need to keep easily accessible. You're welcome to have a look around and to send in questions (and even relevant comments). There are some browsable HTML sections, provided because it can be remarkably difficult to find answers to specific questions in this field. Hope you find it useful, but if not, can I suggest visiting here?

Use the menus on the left hand side of the page to explore the site. The menu is context sensitive, but you can get back to the default selection by taking the home link in the top left from anywhere in the site. Some sections are already six years old at the time of writing, but seem to generate feedback on a regular basis, so they are reproduced (although they are by no means free of errors).

"Area 51" is password protected, and is used only for short term storage of research material.

Comments and questions to james@surface-exchange.net
Surface exchange measurement equipment

Obviously none of the information on this site comes with any guarantee of accuracy or even sanity. If it helps, let us know. If it doesn't, then bad luck. Try here instead.

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