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These pages contain logging and analysis software custom written for trace gas / aerosol flux measurements made in the Atmospheric Physics Research group at UMIST (now The University of Manchester, School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences) from 1998 onwards. They are predominantly for eddy covariance measurements (i.e. unless indicated otherwise). Use the menu on the left to find logging and analysis software and models.

The analysis and logging software is almost exclusively written in National Instruments LabView. We may get round to converting the most recent generation to ANSI C, but at the moment you'll need a LabView license to run our code. Contact us to check the status of the software you're interested in if you're unsure about what's required to run it. Models tend to be in Fortran 90 or C.

Source code is password protected so that records can be kept of who has the software. This is important so that bugs and errors can be fixed with the minimum possible amount of hassle. We're quite happy to share the software though, so please get in touch for a user name and password if you think you might find any of it useful. Sharing this software allows us to test it's stability and portability more thoroughly, and saves you the trouble of re-inventing the wheel. Contact

Obviously none of the information on this site comes with any guarantees of accuracy or even sanity. If it helps, let us know. If it doesn't, then bad luck. Try here instead.

Modified:   12/10/2004